The Action Gaston Wedding Mix is a pretty unique mix, which is why I chose to post it.  The groom was extremely musically oriented and was the type of guy that had created playlists on iTunes and made his own (for lack of better words) “mixtapes” for most of his life.  These playlists had become the soundtrack to his life, their relationship, and even associated amongst their friend’s group.  The things Matt (the groom) had in store for me were awesome.  Great songs, and even though the tempos were off (too far apart) for beat matching at times, it didn’t really matter because the song versions he chose were awesome, and it was reinforced by their energy on the dance floor!  It was truly a special wedding for this reason.  A unique playlist and a passionate bride & groom, who led their friends and family to have an absolutely unforgettable evening.  I truly admired their passion for life and it was a special event to be a part of.

Jazmine and Eliskhan had a beautiful and elegant wedding ceremony and reception at Rancho Valencia in San Diego.  This is an amazing property that has an absolutely beautiful wedding venue at the main “clubhouse”.  Their crowd was from the Bay Area, and their music preferences were a representation of that.  I remember having our final planning meeting together and I sensed that Eliskhan was a little concerned about not having enough of the music they loved.  After chatting for an hour or so at my office and having them endure my extensive notetaking process, Eliskhan left with a smile on his face because he knew “I got it”.  Their day was amazing from start to finish, and the crowd was an absolute blast to DJ for.  The dancefloor literally never had a moment that it wasn’t packed.


This was the first installment of a “featured artist” series that was put on by an amazing music shop in Wieser Idaho, called “Pickers Paradise”.  They recorded 8 songs and some interview segments (which will be shown on part 2).  I had an awesome time playing for them and I feel they did an incredible job with the production of the songs.  While my repertoire for wedding events are usually not instrumental Flatpicking “bluegrass” songs, when I perform with my band, we tend to play a lot of bluegrass and progressive bluegrass so you can get a taste of that here.